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The Advent Collective is a gaming community primarily focused on the upcoming space simulator Star Citizen, within which we intend to build our very own Empire. Our primary objective is to have a good time with good friends while playing good games.

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Join our Teamspeak and hang out with us: nyts.vortexservers.com:9994

“I was recommended the Advent by a couple of good friends of mine. There's a lot of friendly people here and joining the organization while waiting for Star Citizen to release allows you plenty of preperation and the opportunity of making new friends to fly with once the game hits the market.”


“I'd seen quite a few other organisations which seemed decent, but they came off as unfamiliar and foreign. With the Collective you get to know the other members and soon feel like a part of a close-knit community with people who want to have fun with you. Plus conquering space, nothing beats that.”

United Kingdom

“Today, we see an actual space simulator develop before us, with amazing adventures to behold and the utmost fun to be had. The Advent Collective gathers a 'collective' of prospective players to take full advantage of these pillars of the game, as well as set a goal: Domination, and with friends and great leaders at your side! What better way to enjoy this game?”


Collective Support

At every turn, a fellow member will have your back. At every hardship a brother in arms will grant you fellowship. The Advent Collective contains a large array of people and ships fit to support each other in each and every mission we choose to take on; plus, the Collective seeks to aid its members with supplies in terms of equipment, insurance and ships. We're a collective, after all.

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As a collective, the Advent Collective prospers through bringing like-minded people together and giving them the means required to have a blast of a time. With multi-media forums, teamspeak 3 server, upcoming podcasts, and opportunities for Twitch utilization and similar media-- combined with specific ceremonies unique to the Advent Collective.

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Where other organizations fight for the sake of fighting, the Advent Collective harbours a cause worth fighting for: to establish a new and more efficient order, a way of life independent from the corrupted and diseased UEE. To not just maintain a force to be reckoned with, but to use that force for something bigger than the common man; to start anew, to conquer an open-minded empire.

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Any and all members are given the same opportunities, from promotions to special operations and from exclusive postings to high-end medals, ribbons and similar rewards. Any member who shows a healthy combination of loyalty and competence is a member who will rise to stand amongst giants-- not just within the Collective, but within the universe as a whole.

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The Advent acknowledges and appreciates the fact that there’s differing people of differing natures, both in convictions and playstyles. Only got an hour per week? No problem-- there’s place for you. Want to go hardcore and dedicate a significant amount of time? Excellent-- there’s a place for you too. Like to roleplay? Be our guest. The Advent Collective intends to provide a safe and most of all entertaining haven for players of all intents, regardless of schedules. Whatever may be the case, there is and always will be a place for you.

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Teamwork is both essential and inevitable. The Collective allows members who have been around- and who have contributed sufficiently to form squadrons with those they’d like to work with the most, whether that be a money-making trading squad within CEL, UniRec indiana’s looking to find new stars, or an MDC task force of hard-boiled soldiers-- as long as the conclusive results suffice.

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